Welcome to Faithhill Prophetic Assembly, a chosen people to be a blessing to the nations of the earth! We are one big family connected by cords of fellowship and love with one another and God at the centre. Faithhill is a solution hub for the hurting, the rejected, those in distress, depts. And discontented. A place believers come to find their purpose, vision, discover who they truly are in Christ, it’s a place unveiling the mind of God for the Nations through the finished works of Jesus on the cross

Here God is moulding, building, developing and positioning his people to occupy and dominate every sphere of human endeavour, a place God’s hand lifts the poor from the dunghill and causes the beggars to seat with kings, it is a places where lives are transformed, destinies realised and yokes broken.


To Be A Church Unveiling The Mind Of God, Equipping Every Believer For The Work Of The Ministry By Helping Them Discover The Gifts & Talents In Them And Creating An Atmosphere Where The Hurting Can Find Acceptance, Hope And Love.


To Build Lives by Preaching, Teaching and Evangelizing by The Word of Faith and Praying Without Ceasing


Early Life

Like the epic narrative of great men in history with unusual birth, Bishop Jatau can also be described in the same light and uniqueness: he is someone with an inexplicable unusual birth. He defied the normal gestation period of nine months in the womb and came out after 16 months.  He was Born on February 16, 1962 to Hon Daniel Musa Jatau, a one time member, Plateau State House of Assembly and Mrs. Christiana Jatau.


Bishop Jatau began his educational career at the then Local School Board (LSB) Primary School Gwandeye, his native country home of Nasarawa State in 1970 and ended it in 1976. He later proceeded to Government Science School, Kuru from 1976 to 1981. In his quest for further knowledge as at that time, he entered the Federal Polytechnic Bida and bagged a Higher National Diploma, HND certificate in Civil Engineering, 1992 with specialization in Highway & Dam Construction. He obtained a bachelor of Arts and masters of Arts degree (MA) in theology from cornerstone university of the state of Hawaii in 1995 and 1996 respectively.

He served his one year compulsory national service NYSC in Enugu at 82 Division, Nigeria Army.

Just recently, he concluded a Double Master’s Degree Programme in ‘Peace, Conflict and International Relations’ as well as in ‘Security Studies and Criminology’ from the Pan African Institute for Development–West Africa ((PAID-WA) (University for Applied Sciences)) Buea, Cameroun 2014 -2016. Presently, he has commenced his Doctoral Degree programme (PhD) in ‘Security and Strategic Studies’ at Nassarawa State University, Keffi.

Earlier in life, the young Emmanuel, at the age of six usually tops the overall results in the class as best student all through his school days, a feat  that was largely linked to the call of God in his life.


While on his one year compulsory national service (NYSC) in Enugu, he designed and constructed the GOC’s House, Office and fencing of 82 Division, Nigeria Army.   After the service year in 1992, he had working experiences at various times with Kavitex Construction Company in Kuru, Jos from 1985 to 1986; Federal Ministry of Mines and Power, Major Porter, Koalin Project  Kuba, Jos from 1986 to 1988; Pazbeze Construction Company in Lafia from 1992 to 1997 and D B Zeng Construction Limited, Jos all in executive capacities.


He is married to Rev (Mrs.) Bridget Jatau, also a likeable Minister of the Gospel who had stood behind the Archbishop all through these years. Watching the two, often times, one cannot but attest to the friendliness, openness between them; theirs is an example for anyone to emulate. The union is richly blessed with two boys: Dr Ibrahim, a trained medical doctor and David, currently doing his under-graduate programme.

Prophetic Journey

Though there was urgency of the call at various times, he tried to ‘mend his net’ for a bigger catch in the construction industry after his NYSC. He, however, had no choice but to fully surrender to the divine assignment of providing insight for his generation.   Before this time, it was not easy as he had tried unsuccessfully to drown himself in Jos Dam because he got tired of companies folding up every time he worked with them. His life was in fact revolving around frustration. He was, however lucky as God sent a Pastor from Lagos to wait for him beside the dam in order to rescue him that day.

Like the French Astrologer, Michel De Nostredeme, God has used him to give precise prophecies over the nation, individuals and corporate organisations. Some of the notable prophecies that came to pass include the death of Gen Sani Abacha, failure of Miss World to hold in Nigeria in 2002, death of Pope John Paul II and the emergence of Pope Benedict, death of Gadaffi, former Libyan leader, victory of APC over PDP as far as 2013 and Ebola pandemic. Others include the Ikeja bomblast in 2000, the September 11 attack in the US, the death of MKO Abiola, Stella Obasanjo and Jerry Useni’s wife and son.

Prophets are often misunderstood most times because of their prophecies; Archbishop Jatau is not different as he was described by former President Olusegun Obasanjo as a Prophet of Doom

because of the accuracies with which his words come to pass, even though they, sometimes, appear like bitter pills.
In concise terms, he has had his own share of the risk associated with his call. In 2005, for instance, he went into exile in Rivers State for six months because of the death threat on his life by sponsored agents of the state. Also, a number of times, his phone numbers were hacked and every conversation monitored by security agents, the reason for which for a long time, he refused to purchase a line until the atmosphere calmed down.
In 2013, assassins were sent to eliminate him in Abuja by people who were not comfortable with his style of assignment.  In the process, the Lexus 350 luxury saloon Car in which he drove was ceased by the assassins. The vehicle was, however, discovered by the Police along Abuja/Keffi Expressway in vandalised state.

When names of the Generals in God’s end time Prophetic Army is to be mentioned, one person whose name stands tall among his contemporaries on the pulpit is Bishop Dr Emmanuel Musa Jatau.   He is a man one can rightly describe as a Prophet to the nation. This Man of God is someone that leaves no one in doubt about the mind of God on any issue per time because of the prophetic gift he is endowed with from age six.

He has surprising and impressive ability to the divine even to the most minute details.  He has worldwide distinction in his ability to unite different religious faiths.  The startling accuracy of his prophetic utterances has gained for him no small degree of fame. He has a penetrating grasp of political situations globally. He has turned down employment as secret agent to some nations who noticed his superior knowledge

Bishop Jatau is an astute, forward-looking, development-oriented and humble Man of God. Through his ministry, God has restored destinies of many people including even Pastors. He is a renowned philanthropist of note, who has trained many Pastors, Orphans and Widows throughout the country in Primary, Secondary, Higher institutions and in different vocations.
His house is always filled with people at all times.  Bishop Jatau is a model, an orator and an encouragement to the younger generation in all spheres of life everywhere he goes. He loves reading a lot, no wonder, he is a friend of many journalists.

Bishop. Emmanuel Jatau