“Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD, The people He has chosen as His own inheritance. The LORD looks from heaven; He sees all the sons of men. From the place of His dwelling He looks on all the inhabitants of the earth; He fashions their hearts individually; He considers all their works.” Psalm 33:12-15 (NKJV)


TINUBU’S WIFE: – I have never met her before, but I saw her in my dream kneeling down and holding the cross which had the image of wailing woman, symbolizing survival in a traumatized world, and she was praying for her husband, Nigeria, Africa and the world.

Suddenly, a dove came down and took the cross from her and flew to a mountain, which had a sign post and a flag written on it “Ori-Oke Adura”. There on the mountain, I saw angels who appeared to meet with her, all in white and sang songs in three Nigeria languages, what a beautiful rendition.

She was presented with two things to choose, one was a shovel wrapped with a baby boy and the other Nigeria’s coat of arms. She knelt down in a humble way and picked Nigeria’s coat of arms and left the baby crying struggling to also follow her. She ran with the Coat of Arms straight to Pastor Adeboye. I heard Pastor Adeboye in my dream making the following pronouncements upon her:

• You are Esther of this generation, brought to contribute to the leadership of your husband and the Lord will use you to bring glory into the new leadership. Ensure democracy survives, ensure righteousness survives.

• You have been appointed at such a time as this to up-turn the plans of those who want to establish agenda that is contrary to God’s plan for Nigeria. The church must not be under threat.

• You have the mandate to work against them like a divine axe. You are not a weak vessel.

• You will help your husband to prove to Nigerians that he is a better person.

• Your husband shall be the Abraham of Nigeria and father to Christians, Muslims and Idol worshipers.

• Your husband shall showcase people who are knowledgeable to turn the nation around and this is the reason God is raising him to ensure peace, security and development.

• Other presidential candidates believe in self-righteousness, qualification, human qualities and standard but your husband was the most unrighteous, unqualified amongst them all, yet God has picked him to rule for four years because he will not accept to import weird culture into Nigeria. Homosexuality will not be forced down his throat.

• You must not be lukewarm in your prayer life in the first three years or the Lord’s presence will depart from you and that will be disastrous.

• Whether I am alive or not, do not fail the Lord. However, it’s my desire to see more days.
And that was the end of the dream.

Folks, the following revelations were purposely locked in the spirit realm at Easter. Hence they need to be identified, unlocked spiritually and every arsenal of prayer deployed to allow or stop their manifestation. Do not be dismayed as prayer can change all things.

1. In the divine realm, the Federal Government (APC) will not support the candidate sponsored by Yahaya Bello for the November 2023 Kogi Governorship election, except he’s prayerful. Another candidate from a different political party, asides APC, will win the election with the support of the Federal Government and protest votes. Thereafter, they will decamp to APC in Kogi.

2. In the divine realm, after leaving office, Buhari will not live a happy life, because the cabals have messed him up, let him down and displeased him.

3. In the spirit realm, Buhari feels betrayed by his closest loyalists in Government because of their corrupt tendencies. He is not happy with them, including his wife.

4. In the spirit realm, in April at Easter, world leaders will be canvassing for support for Tinubu, from the International community. They do not want a repeat of the 1993 political crisis in Nigeria.

5. In the spirit realm, Buhari has already given Tinubu the go ahead to arrest and deal with his close allies who are corrupt. Most people who served in Buhari’s regime are going to jail.

6. Kano, Adamawa, Taraba, Bauchi, Abuja, Kogi, Niger, Ondo, Borno and Edo would be attacked by Boko Haram elements in the few weeks to hand-over. It will be meant to cause chaos and derail handing over. But Tinubu will stabilize the North/east upon taking over.

7. The Labour party candidate, Peter Obi will lose his case at the election tribunal. What a travesty of justice, only God knows why. Let’s take heart.

8. Saudi Arabia Government will approve the execution of Nigerians who have been convicted for various crimes in that country. An eye for an eye, justice!

9. President Joe Biden will actively engage Israelis and Palestinians alike to help them find ways to live together in peace, freedom, securely, prosperity and champion a two state solution. He will continue to oppose Israeli settlement expansion and speak against annexation in West Bank.
United States is going to also team up to support the promotion of Islam all over the world from 2023 – 2033. It will provide support to Muslims to head Governments across the Globe. Yet, it is divine to hasten 666 and the return of Christ.

10. Kashim Shettima and Tinubu will soon be enmeshed in a quarrel in the first two years after swearing-in ceremony. Shettima and El-Rufai would fight each other after the swearing-in.

11. FCT land allocations will be revisited by the new Minister for FCT under Tinubu’s regime.

12. Buhari is not happy with El-Rufai, Yahaya Bello and other Governors who challenged the currency redesign policy at the Supreme Court. It has damaged Buhari’s credentials as a democrat.

13. El-Rufai and Uba Sanni will be disappointed by Tinubu when he takes over power. The two will fight each other in six months. Buhari is not happy with the Muslim-Muslim ticket in Kaduna state.

14. Tinubu will engage in total cleansing of corrupt politicians and Governments when he takes over power. He will not have friends.

15. Shehu Sani will be given an appointment by the incoming Tinubu Government

16. The Director General SSS is Buhari’s loyalist. He is currently lobbying Tinubu to retain him. He is Tinubu’s loyalist too. He will be blessed in Tinubu’s regime.

17. Rabiu Kwankwaso should be careful because I see an attack on his person. The attack will stir up crisis in Kano. Many would lose their lives.

18. Tinubu will engage on operation clean sweep on corruption and would not spare even APC members. He is not happy with former Governors of Plateau and Nasarawa states.

19. I foresee Tinubu giving an appointment to a member of Yar’adua’s family. He will work closely with the family

20. Buhari has finally resolved to hand over power to Tinubu. Expect hand-over on the 29th May, 2023

21. Nuhu Ribadu will shine in Tinubu’s Government, also Lamorde and Farida Waziri.

22. A military coup was initially planned to be executed before May 2023 with the knowledge of few former presidents. However, the coup is shelved in the spirit realm. A former president’s trip outside the country was an alibi to cover up his knowledge of the coup. He is now very much in support of Tinubu and he will be seen hale and hearty after Tinubu is sworn in.

23. Buhari has not and will not recommend anybody for appointment into Tinubu’s cabinet. He has been disappointed by his cabals.

24. Tinubu will work closely with Pastor Tunde Bakare.

25. Tinubu will revamp the Ajaokuta Steel Company and many other projects like the Nigeria’s Airways.

26. Tinubu will deal with Emefiele, Ikachukwu, Timipre Sylva and Abba Kyari’s family members. They will be asked to refund some money except they are prayerful. Old hands like Sanusi, Farida and Lamorde are bouncing back to reckoning.

27. The Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) Irabo and the Chief of Army Staff, General Yahaya, will be fingered by Tinubu boys. Also, the IG of Police should pray not to be jailed.

28. Tinubu will appoint several Northerners (youths) particularly North central zone into strategic positions in his government like Obasanjo did.

29. Tinubu will unite Christians and Muslims by appointing their leaders into positions in his government. Many pastors and Imams would shine in Tinubu’s government.

30. Tinubu will deal with State Governors who stole government money. He will recover the stolen money from them. A tough uncompromising Tinubu boy who will be the minister for finance will make the difference clear and will bring quick recovery to Nigeria.

31. The Inspector General of Police would be locked up, except he is prayerful.

32. Tinubu’s “loyalists” Fani Kayode and his likes in the APC will be disappointed by Tinubu as they will be dumped at the start. However, expect them to smile later.

33. Aliyu Gusau will be hunted by the new government, except he is prayerful.

34. The Director General, SSS will be loyal to both Tinubu and IBB. He will enjoy only for a short period.

35. Baba Gana Kingibe will be in the limelight in the in-coming Government

36. Joe Biden will be disappointed by his party and Americans. He needs prayers.

37. Trump will spring back surprise to the amazement of all the world.

38. Former President Goodluck Jonathan’s activities will be exposed by Tinubu’s boys.

39. Drug cartels and their barons will relocate to Nigeria. Their business will flourish but only for a short time. The prayer of Nigerians will stop them.

40. France President will be Tinubu’s ally. He will rally International support for Tinubu to be installed as President come May 2023.

41. The international community sees Nigeria as fertile ground to be exploited in Tinubu’s time, but they will be disappointed like Abacha’s time.

42. Drug barons around the globe are mustering support for Tinubu but expect to meet a different Tinubu on the throne.

43. Kogi State Governor, Yahaya Bello will be attacked soon. Many of his aides and close associates would suffer casualties as well as arrests and detentions.

44. Tinubu will come out with a naira redesign policy because Emefiele’s policy was “naira coloring” policy and will not stand the test of time.

45. All heads of Federal Government parastatals will be removed. They will be asked to hand over to the most senior officers in those parastatals.

46. Tinubu will have the largest shareholding in Dangote refinery. It will be revealed soon by opposition party. More refineries would be built in three years in Nigeria.

47. Allison Dzeani’s case will be reopened when Tinubu takes over

48. Most Delta state sons will not enjoy Tinubu’s Government. Many of their sons are seen as corrupt by Buhari and Tinubu.

49. Tinubu has good intentions for Nigeria and he will work in that direction

50. Tinubu’s major challenge is his health and Nigeria’s constitution. He needs prayers.

51. Tinubu will face challenges in fighting corruption as Nigeria’s constitutional provisions will be used to frustrate him.

52. The lives of two sons of Tinubu will be threatened. Two of them needs prayers quickly to avert what happened on Pharaoh’s birthday (Gen.40:20-23).

53. Villa security arrangements will be breached before handing over to Tinubu in May 2023. Watch and pray.

54. There will be gradual removal of unproductive public officers from sensitive Government positions in the next two years.

55. Former President Olusegun Obasanjo (OBJ) is Tinubu’s enemy at the moment. He must be prayerful.

56. Youths across the country will start supporting Tinubu because of the appointments he will make from April to May and after the handing over.

57. Youths will be appointed to head Federal Government parastatals by Tinubu.

58. Tinubu has sworn not to betray Buhari and he will keep that promise.

59. Tinubu still has some doubts as to whether Buhari will hand over to him, because of conflicting reports by his aides but Buhari has made up his mind in the spiritual realm.

60. Buhari has given Tinubu the go ahead to clean up the Augean stable of corruption immediately he hands over.

61. DSS has dossier and bank details of corrupt Governors and corrupt Politicians. He will hand it over to Tinubu. Regardless of roles they played by governors to bring him, he will still deal with most of the Governors and Ministers.

62. Tinubu will come up with a bank policy which will closely monitor all bank accounts of Nigerians and to ensure corruption is mitigated.

63. Tinubu is on a mission to clean up Nigeria of any form of corruption because his heart is in God’s hands from this moment.

64. Tinubu will disappoint Yemi Osibanjo (Vice President) but will later make use of him. Most of Osibanjo’s aides will disappoint him, leave him and go to work for Tinubu. They will blackmail him to Tinubu to soil their relationship.

65. Ibos in Lagos should pray against demolition of their property even from state to state in 2023.

66. Atiku will lobby Tinubu so that his businesses won’t be destroyed.

67. Let’s pray against civil wars, coups, and bloodsheds globally at Easter, as well as plane crashes involving civilians and military. Let’s pray against World War from 2024.

68. Many NADECO members would relocate abroad immediately Tinubu is sworn in.

69. Ministers who do rush for appointments would be disappointed, as 90% of such appointments will be reversed.

70. EFCC and few other parastatals’ names would be changed.

71. Expect drama on hand-over day in the following states (Plateau, Sokoto, Abia, Kano and Benue) between outgoing and incoming succession. May God help them.

73. A star from sokoto in the military will shine in Tinubu’s regime. The Nigerian military will have latest equipment in 2024. Also, the Sultan of Sokoto will be blessed in the incoming regime.

74. More states in Nigeria would discover crude oil and be part of oil producing states in 2024.

75. Agbakoba would play important role in Tinubu’s government soon.

76. Few journalists and contractors will run out of the country from May 2023.

77. Americans pray, as your Dollar and economy is seen sinking totally because you have forgotten the ways of the Lord.

78. Ukraine president will negotiate for peace this Easter with Russia. However, he must pray not to be killed by his own people or forced to leave the country unceremoniously.

“Let all the earth fear the LORD; Let all the inhabitants of the world stand in awe of Him. For He spoke, and it was done; He commanded, and it stood fast. The LORD brings the counsel of the nations to nothing; He makes the plans of the peoples of no effect. The counsel of the LORD stands forever, The plans of His heart to all generations.” Psalm 33:8-11 (NKJV)

Released by:
5th APRIL, 2023

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