1. 2018 brings you to the dawn of a radical age in your life. I feel some positive things about you. I want you to know that I am at your side in 2018 even if you prefer to work with another Pastor to determine and bring to pass your prophecy of 2018. Whether I or another Pastor works with you during this year 2018 really is not that important, what is important is that someone competent guides you through this transit to getting a radical change in your life that will make you use siren in the next 5 years. In any case I will always be on your side and from now on you can count on me as a friend and confidant. I am proud to have met you and hope we can pray as quickly as possible because I want your change to come.
  1. Of course I cannot say that prophecy is remedy for all ills happening in your life. To put the record straight, prophecy is a reflection on the mirror of what God can command the earth and humans to accomplish for you 100%. Look for God seriously this year and He will through this prophecy instruct the earth and people to do for you what He has commanded through His constructive power and natural phenomena which recognizes that God\’s word influence life and earth movements to play a role in unfolding what God has spoken. In my experience, prophecy is 80 – 90% correct as it causes earth, people, event, circumstance to move to affect the person powerfully but you need to also act the 10 – 20%. Faith without action is futile. Do not just stop at reading prophecy, work it out.
  1. This year, understand there are no obstacles to your happiness and you deserve happiness this year. Get yourself ready to grab all the opportunities which are set to come your way, cast aside the barriers you so often set for yourself. This year is your year of TOTAL HAPPINESS.
  1. Weeks from today, opportunities you never have been told will knock on your door. The biggest danger is you have nobody in the government to help lift you up, sincerely your star shows this clearly. Do not let yourself be overwhelmed by doubt through all the questions you ask. Know with God by your side, you can reach the top even if man refuses to help. You should come to terms with the fact that the changes that will happen for you now will have repercussions far beyond 2018; the effect that will persist throughout your life; the effect that will persist throughout your life.
  1. In your relationship with others in 2018, you need those around you to be happy and even these people don\’t always say it out loud, they see you as something of a wise man, someone who has all the answers. This truly suits you although you don\’t always consciously admit this, deep down inside you, you need the respect and admiration of others but most people you help end up hurting you. Do not change, continue to be good to them.
  1. As far as other aspects of your life are concerned, I am getting the distinct sense that you are street smart and you value this ability much more than the classroom smart that you learned. You are a person with fresh and innovative ideas and yet not willing to settle for what others tells you. You want to only see things for yourself and if you don\’t like what you see, then you will change it. Now you would have gone far in work of God, international business and politics by now but see where you still are. Ask for Grace and Mercy.
  1. I am even getting a powerful impression now that you have what might be described as prophetic power, the ability to sense things are about to happen. At times you have wondered if you might be a prophet like Bishop. God has confirmed that you are a prophet.
  1. Your unique perspective in life has been forged from the school of hardship you went through because of your poor parents. You know deep down inside that you are better for having gone through what you have endured. There is a very strong AURA around you and an energy that is truly powerful, I am sensing vibrations from you much more intense than all your siblings in your fathers\’ clan. You are the superstar of your father’s family.
  1. I know that you have a great deal of qualities and you now have the power to accomplish whatever you want in life. You need only set your goals and aim for what you want in 2018 and be ready to excel this year than last 3 – 5 years put together.
  1. I can see a great deal of things in your life which are set to change and a lot of very positive events are going to occur for you in 2018. Congrats!
  1. Are you aware that you are entering into a different and interesting period of your life in 2018, in which certain values will affirm themselves, notable of which revitalization appears strongly around you even if you often think about the past, as you have done recently? But you have a problem, you feel more comfortable associating with people of your own age/ black color or younger. I can see that you seem to appreciate and be happiest when you are near such people. The same affinity you have for nature, water and outdoors, you have for them. Good news – I can see a connection coming through Europe or something European and this is most likely concerning a voyage which you must undertake in 2018.
  1. Bishop Jatau has not been placed by accident on your path. Take advantage of him to aid you fulfill your destiny this year by God\’s grace. He has spiritual instructions for you to carry out. Meet him. He has a strong connection with you spiritually and he perceives all your needs and goals that you are searching for.
  1. You tell yourself that it\’s too good to be true, that God can turn you to be a celebrity. Opportunities to turn you into a wealthy person are not far from you this year. Last year you argued in your spirit that opportunities are not for you, they must be for someone else. It is to me to put a stop to all this. It is to me to take charge of your destiny. Just be convinced. That is your problem. Ultimately only your free will counts and you alone can decide if you will be successful. Take your own destiny in your hands this year.
  1. Why are you torn in your spirit? You want all that God has used people to prophesy to you to happen. You need change in your life very quickly abi? You need fresh air and revival. But last year you put up barriers by not doing what was needed for the poor so that you can leap over your barrier. You were slamming on the breaks to help the poor, bringing up doubts and uncertainties that have so often haunted you in the past.
  2. I know you are right now praying for breakthrough that will make your life comfortable and end all your problems. All aspects of your life will reflect breakthrough in 2018. God has answered. Congrats.
  1. In your dream be sensitive, as God will pinpoint to you precise dates and times your opportunities are meeting you in 2018. As well, important people that will impact your life and people you are to avoid this year and pitfalls to avoid. Are you not lucky?
  1. Chance will play a very small role indeed in your life in 2018. God will play bigger role. Your lifting this year will not be by accident but orchestrated by God that will reward you for all your worship to Him and goodness to the poor.
  1. Jesus has paid for all lost opportunities you missed from 2014 -2017. Expect to see a sign in the sky in the next 103 days whether day or night, be vigilant in your mind as only you will see it. Therefore, expect a new cycle in your life and it is your prayer (not prayer of any man of God) is crucial here and your decision around this period of the year, your choices will affect you now and over a longer period. Daily anticipate the hour your sign will appear in the sky and how it brings to pass all desires of your life.
  1. Praise God – you are now finally set free. Get ready to see 2018 as your make-up year for your loss. Congrats. 2018 is year of restoration for all you losses.
  1. There are some opportunities in your life you have not been aware of either because you were not told in time or because you were not ready so you missed all the opportunities that were available to be wealthy from 2015 – 2017. Missing out on this opportunity completely pushed your progress back somewhat. You stumbled and found your way blocked and progress stagnated and things difficult.
  1. 2018 will bring you changes that will make you move from the darkest era to light. Your future will make perfect sense this year. It will become important to the people who have laughed at your past failure.
  1. There is a hidden meaning behind what happened to your life in 2015 – 2017, but the speed at which your testimonies will be occurring in 2018 is going to amaze you, fast and powerfully that you will find it hard to change your reality if not informed or guided correctly by this word of prophecy.
  1. You are quite lucky that your vision appeared now. This will allow you take full advantage of prayer in the New Year 2018. God will expose all bad and evil people around you and you should equally be working on things to make your life better. Avoid useless people you gathered all around you in 2017 who added nothing but sorrow to your entire life.
  1. First 103 days which is between January and March 2018 – will be your most exciting days of your life so far. You should quickly better come to terms with the fact that the changes that will happen for you will have positive repercussions far beyond this year 2018, repercussions that will be felt until also in 2022 (5 years)
  1. First 103 days of 2018 – is the time for some important decisions to be made by you. Please pray to make right choices.
  1. The first 103 days of 2018 – Will have positive consequences to your future, in terms of a project, travel and acquiring wealth. Avoid anger and forgive daily all those who offend you not to stand as obstacles.
  1. 2018 – First 103 days will always bring you an important and unexpected financial opportunity that will result in a considerable evolutionary leap in your life in 2018. It will make a decisive turning point. The exact detail of your financial breakthrough is to be revealed to you in dream if you are prayerful as well as when and where?
  1. 2018 – Place importance in your work as you will be offered an opportunity at some point during this year. You will meet so one and they will offer you something you may feel a little taken back by it but you need to think about it deeply and you also need to consult a man of God you trust to put you through. This opportunity will be fruitful for your future and a very rewarding step. You have been good to people in the past and God has seen it.
  1. First 103 days of 2018 – expect God to help you seize an important opportunity linked to a sum of money of both a politician and military person which you did not count on having.
  1. First 103 days of 2018 – expect God to complete a project which you care a lot about by using a sum of money which you did not expect to have it executed.
  1. First 103 days of 2018 – expect God to transform your life with an unexpected gain of money beyond your capacity to handle. Pray for wisdom to handle this money.
  2. First 103 days of 2018 – expect to seize a chance which will be available to you to win a large sum of money you never anticipated.
  1. First 103 days of 2018 – expect to earn an unexpected sum of money without sweat.
  1. First 103 days of 2018 – expect to grab some very important financial opportunities that will turn you a billionaire.
  1. First 103 days of 2018 – expect to begin a new and favorable cycle of business that will place you on top of ladder of successful people of the year and will also have an impact on your love life.
  1. First 103 days of 2018 – expect to win a brilliant victory in your career
  1. First 103 days of 2018 – expect to discover the most intense moments of your love relationship and career that will bless you. You will enjoy love again after a long time.
  1. First 103 days of 2018 – expect to make an important decision concerning some opportunities coming your way. A single phone call will bring the miracle.
  1. First 103 days of 2018 – Expect to make an important decision concerning a trip in Nigeria and abroad. Get your International Passport ready.
  1. First 103 days of 2018 – expect God to make an important decision concerning a job, position, relationship, money that will bring you testimony.
  1. First 103 days of 2018 – expect to reach a decisive turning point in your career. Your prosperity is this year.
  1. First 103 days of 2018 – expect God changing your financial situation.
  1. I don\’t believe in luck my dear friend. Events occur because God destined so. WHAT WILL SOON HAPPEN to you will open your eyes to the fact that you are a destiny child of God. God will link you to people that matter that will make your dreams come true this year.
  1. You woke up on Christmas and your spirit tuned into forces unconsciously without really being able to explain what you feel. For example on Christmas morning, you knew changes will soon happen in your life; you did not know what, when or how but you felt that things will change soon and you also felt that a very precise and important event will happen that will turn you into a celebrity. You are quite right about your thoughts and about the events, events that which will directly concern your love life and financial situation and career. These events are set to occur first 103 days of 2018, you need a true spiritual guide this year to achieve all that and confidence in God.
  1. My vision shows you have great qualities and I am proud that you accept to trust God more because you are a very good person. Don\’t divide your trust in God. You may be wondering about this vision. Trust God not human beings as you are often used to.
  1. Expect transit in just a few weeks into January that will remove all your life blockage. The vision that I see on this subjects are very clear and they show that you will soon reach a possible turning point in your life which is why I am so pleased to be able to give you this exciting news I have for you.
  1. I can see in 2018 – intervention of a certain individual who has slowed you down and prevented you from moving on in your life and still has some influence over you. God must kill the person or your progress will still be stagnated. But you love this enemy too much to allow such a person die. What do you do?
  1. The vision and vibration I feel about you shows me that you are now in a phase of indecision. You have a number of choices available to you concerning the recent difficulties you have encountered and it is time for you to come to terms with this and make the right decision.
  1. Something happened to you when you were 17 years old that created the stumbling blocks that you encountered later in your life and you\’re still suffering the consequences today. By the grace of God be rest assured that these blockages are now reversible and you will get of it this year 2018.
  1. Your love life in 2018 will be extremely bright and you will literally fly without wings as power of God influence to push you even further on this path of love and harmony. You will discover some new, exciting facets of your partner which will make the attraction even stronger. The fire between the two of you this year will burn brighter and warmer.
  1. I am able to announce this to you, as I know to what extent that person is important to you, strengthen your relationship with that person you are in love with and will make you value your couple much more, it will make your feelings only stronger. Try reinforcing the bond between the two of you and make the communication literally flow.
  1. 2018 – the nature of your relationship with the person whom you have your heart beat faster for will go through a period of transit, as this is the year when you will be able to build the foundation for strong, long term relationship full of joy, happiness, harmony and balance, shared interest and mutual respect and this is the basis that will allow you to build on for your happy future together in the long term perspective.
  1. The year 2018 – will permit you to continue your path of 2017 towards happiness in your love life. 2018 will change your partner’s outlook on your relationship and make them work on it in the best possible way.
  1. 2018 – Expect spiritual development that is going to give you powerful influence over all your peers this year. It will even intensify your relationship with big men and women in the society this year and bring to your life more harmony, understanding between you and your partner as well strengthening of your love and bond at the home front.
  1. Your promotion is this year 2018 and all that are not married will get married in your family. There is strong spiritual evidence. Congrats in advance.
  1. 2018 – Year God will reinforce your weak points and all things preventing your growth, impending your progress and influences.
  1. 2018 marks an important period of change in your life and destiny, congratulations. The key word is to be sensitive and handle 2018 with great deal of attention. When expecting God, He can come from any direction.
  1. 2018 – You are going to meet a person who will play a very important role in your life in Nigeria (in the government of Buhari) and in a foreign land.
  1. 2018 will fill your life with exciting events which will not fail to occur and you can look forward to them from 1st January.
  1. The government of heaven is discussing your current situation as well as events that concern you in 2018. Just be joyful and be expectant.
  1. 2018 is a favorable period and will have many positive repercussions notably as far as your love life is concerned but also from a material point of view and for the realization of a project that you have had in mind for a long time now. You are bound to have all this year.
  1. Your gift of vision is ringing to start working and it\’s not letting you down in 2018.
  1. I know what you are going through and I know what you hope for your future and I know you both want, need, deserve changes. Expect to have them all this year 2018.
  1. Beginning of 2018 will mark a turning point in your life and it will be the root of all changes coming into your life. These changes are now around the corner. Be expectant.
  1. From 15-02-2018, because of the effect of solar eclipse, so many good things are lined up to happen to you in the same month.
  2. Your life is about to change in 2018. I see new beginning, a brand new direction which is very encouraging. Understand this now and make right choices in 2018 that will impact your life forever.
  1. 2018 – You are entering most exciting phase of your life. A radical turning point in your personal life, career, health, finances. Be thankful to God all through this year.
  1. By the time you recognize a problem – You don\’t sleep for too long. You find need to be wide awake to correct it. It means you always forget God in your calculation. Add God in every of your equation this year. Once you add God in your calculation, problem is ended with a nice long nap.
  1. Don\’t carry fire on your head in 2018. Too much of family load on your head. How can it be well with you? Face yourself and help yourself this year.
  1. If you feel tuckered at any point in 2018, take a one week vacation outside your house/home to ignore seasonal ups and downs. It’s the solution and not worrying.
  1. 2018 – Try something new this year in the areas of prayers and sports (e.g. swimming, running etc.) will better your life, love relationship and finances. As you do it, you might find that this is what you have been missing
  1. 2018 – As it rolls out before June, you will be in total control of all things: love relationship, finance, and career. Quickly cook nice healthy meal for orphans and widows this year
  1. Ha! You need to stick to exercise routine in 2018 to have good physical health added to divine health – You will feel terrific working out in 2018.
  1. Cool, calm 2018 is year God will hand over to you key to your wellbeing. Stretch your hand to receive.
  1. You entered 2018 in work mode – Be on your toes for any kind of work and connection coming your way its divine.
  1. Get ready – A pretty darned and torn to pieces that you would want to stitch. Love affair might absorb your energies in 2018 – Take time except if you have no alternative choice.
  1. God will set you up for much deserving recognition in 2018.
  1. Your carrier/talent/ability concepts are going to be incredible and electric in 2018. Everybody will see that in 2018.
  1. 2018 – Be ready for all kinds of wonderful future oriented of ideas coming your way
  1. Year God will endow you with super encompassing ideas that are really going to make a difference in visions of your future is 2018.
  1. Don\’t over work yourself this year 2018 – Depend on grace of God to help lighten your load in ways you never expected. Your hard work last year did not pay.
  1. Love/Financial issues will be resolved finally this year 2018 for you in Jesus name.
  1. Take little advice this year from men and women wiser than you. Listen hard to what they tell you. If you decide to be advised, you will achieve success.
  1. Whatever it is, look at it from all angles before you commit money to it in 2018. No matter the degree of connection, make wise choices
  1. Better to be alone than sign up for an Internet dating. It will be trouble for you in 2018.
  1. Tune into your spirit and listen to whispering of Holy Spirit in 2018. Pay attention to those instructions and the year will be great for you.
  1. Even though things were good in 2017. They are going to get even better for you in 2018. Try to live a very informed style of life this year not stereotyped life to get out of poverty.
  1. You will make too much progress in 2018, that even your enemies will be amazed.
  1. Get ready for a great year with lots of work progress from 07/01/18. It’s the promise of God for you.
  1. 2017 was hard and scary but thank God 2018 is my year of connection to many people and good things
  2. No to defeat in 2018. It’s my year of victory over all battles.
  1. My life and career will be as exciting and worth emulating in 2018. Expect opportunities and progress this year.
  1. Don\’t share your feeling with every Tom, Dick and Harry this year 2018. I had no secrets over the years and it killed me.
  1. Make a lot of friends in 2018 but a few only can be there for you when you needed them most.
  1. Our relationship will likely not last long but be patient as the next one will be better off.
  1. I want exciting changes in my life and happiness in my life in 2018. And God has sanctioned.
  1. I need a soul mate/communicator/speaker who is just as creative as myself in 2018 to stimulate me and project my talent to the world this year.
  1. I shall be a face in every crowd in 2018 – because God has ordained you as one of the celebrities of year 2018.
  1. An authority figure will help you this year 2018 – In four (4) places: Villa, National Assembly, FCT, Military Headquarters
  1. I am not afraid of causing some people trouble in 2018 as long as I reach my goal – Over the years; you labored for people only and did not consider yourself therefore you were stagnated financially.
  2. I want to have things my own way in 2018 not teleguided by others – And God has answered your prayer to be an entrepreneur.
  1. You need extra help in 2018 to shine and not be bored – Help you need shall be provided by God this year.
  1. Many things (Mundane) sidetracked your attention in 2017 but this year, your super human heroic feet shall be exposed to the world.
  1. Nigerian environment not conducive to your talent is your thought but do not rush to travel abroad because your glory is in Africa.
  1. Your hope of getting big break through is this year 2018 – Expect to achieve sudden, dramatic success between January and March
  1. You will work on a project that is yours not others this 2018. Go into land and property business this year without fear.
  1. You want to see happiness in 2018? God has concluded arrangement to make your life good and you can’t help but smile this year.
  2. You need Job that fits your personality in 2018
  1. Won\’t be satisfied with your Job in 2018 but be rest assured you will get what you want this year. You shall smile
  1. You will do something – great in the world in 2018 with your talent/skill. Your talent is your currency in 2018
  2. In 2018 you need to open up a little bit more around others especially those who trust you. You were too secretive to a fault over the years and living in your own world alone.
  1. 2018 – Year of improved successful relationships and political connections as well as emotional attachments to your aunts, uncles, cousins and parents.
  1. In 2017 you were emotionally detached but in 2018 you must push away friends and partners who disappointed you when you needed them most.
  1. You will be involved in Music, Arts and Acting, cooking, building, and learning language in 2018. Expect voyage to take you abroad from this year to a non-English speaking nation.
  1. You are bored in 2017 but in 2018 no more feeling weary since you will not be unoccupied or lack interest in your current activity.
  1. Year 2018 – You will have all opportunities but mind the device used to get whatever you crave for. Be careful with HIV and 419ners
  1. You are only happy if only you are allowed to express your mind the way you want but be a little careful in 2018, so your mind does not lead you astray.
  1. You will be extraordinary creative in 2018 – You have not tapped into your talent of an Artist, designer, programming etc. Do something about it.
  1. In 2018 depend only on God – Not dependent on people/situation to help you in your:
  1. Whatever you want – you can make it happen in 2018. It’s promise of God for you this year
  1. A big breakthrough awaits you in 2018. Say I believe!

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  1. My Lordship,I believe & receive it IJMN.HV been following your prophecies for 25yrs now & its been accurate.May d Almighty God continue 2use to affect life’s positively in dis generation IJMN.
    More Grace my Lordship.

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