“Now the Spirit expressly says that in later times some will depart from the faith by devoting themselves to deceitful spirits and teachings of demons” (1 Timothy 4:1)

         There is the need for the government to engage retired security personnel (Police, Army, Navy and Airforce) to prevent them from joining terrorist groups that are well funded by organisations in the USA and Europe. The activities of the terrorist and militant groups are coordinated by retired and dismissed security personnel that are disgruntled. They shall be exposed soon

2          Buhari and all APC governors will spend only one term; fresh hands will take over. Four years after Buhari, Nigerians will pray for Buhari and his team to come back because there will be another recession worse than this but God will hear our prayers and the answer will be NO. He who have ears let him hear what the spirit is telling stiff-necked people of Nigeria

3          Buhari shall transform our moribund military into Africa’s largest, strongest and potent force

4          The big banks in Nigeria should amend their ways as I see some of them going down and out because of their unethical practices that the government will soon beam searchlight on. I see big banks folding up completely and their management staff jailed

5          There shall be many arrest by the police in early part of year 2017 in Nigeria

6          CBN should in the month of December 2016 guide against any loopholes that might work against the effort of the President in getting the country out of recession. Many Nigerians will have negligible amount in their savings and many will be in debt but they should be of good cheer because the economy will be fairly stable in year 2017 and people who hitherto could not pay their bills shall be able to do so. Let our media stop campaign of calumny

7          If Nollywood does not offer fervent prayers now, I see them losing some members to death in the months of Nov-Dec 2016 and Jan-March 2017. Thereafter, the spirit of death will leave them for some period

         The prices of houses and rents shall crash in year 2017-2019.  The economy will pick up but, people will shun renting or buying houses; indeed many will prefer sharing apartments or moving back to their hometowns

9          The era of financial recklessness is over. This is a wakeup call to all Nigerians because many middle class workers will lose their jobs from year 2017-2019 and getting a job as a fresh graduate will not be easy between years 2017-2027. Graduates should learn a trade and become an entrepreneur.

10        Very soon the interest of the Igbo race in politics shall be similar to their interest in Business.

11        Many members of senate and house of assembly will not return to the house after 2019 elections

12        The next elections in Nigeria shall experience a character like the American Trump

13        The internet services of Nigeria, China, Russia and North Korea are vulnerable to attacks. Nigeria shall suffer serious cyber-attacks in year 2017. Let the government and individuals be alert. Very dangerous computer virus shall be created and uploaded on the internet to destroy computers, handsets etc. in year 2017. This will shut down internet access across many countries

14        Nigeria, Germany, United Kingdom and USA are now dominated by dark forces hence, there is need for Christian revival services more than ever before

15        We should pray to prevent the teaching of SATANISM in our primary and secondary schools in year 2017. I see establishment of Satan Clubs in schools across Africa with pupils aged 4 -20years reciting “Hail Satan, come forth Satan”. Satanic websites shall be established extending invitations to our youths in Africa. I see many hills in Nigeria becoming cultism worship centres. Henceforth, activities on our hills should be monitored by the government. Let us play our part so that God can come to our rescue

16        Many members shall leave Catholic faith worldwide in year 2017 and activities like child christening and dedication, baptism, wedding service, church attendance etc. shall reduce drastically

17        Baptist churches worldwide shall embrace gay marriages in year 2017 and many will leave Baptist denomination. Let us pray that God redeem them

18        Many churches shall embrace atheism during their cross over service to year 2017. These churches will exclude Christ in their worship and will not recognize the Holy Bible as the source of their authority but rather read some other books and poems etc. leading many astray

19        Brazil, Mexico and others shall work against Christianity to destroy the religion in their countries soon

20        A Chinese cardinal will receive revelations in year 2017 for his country, pope and the world. It will shake any tyrant but please be advised he is speaking the truth

21        Intolerance among religious groups shall escalate with social media attacks in year 2017

22        God will use some countries to come to the aid of Nigeria within the first 150 days of year 2017 and this assistance will help us wither the economic storm. China as well as Islamic bank shall be willing to advance us a loan within the first half of year 2017.

23        Because of natural disasters and mismanagement, USA shall go into recession worse than we are experiencing now in Nigeria between years 2018-2020

24        Trump will reject the election results before counting is concluded leading to violence by his supporters. Trump’s hope of winning in North Carolina, South Carolina, Ohio, Tennessee, Georgia, Nebraska and Michigan will fail.

25        Hispanics and Latinos in Florida, Maryland and Texas shall be a force in the November elections in the USA. Pastors will try to cause a division between the Hispanics and Latinos by asking them to vote different candidates for President. I see fights in Oklahoma, Connecticut, Arizona, Nevada, Florida and Colorado. I ask them (Hispanics and Latinos) to vote according to the dictates of their conscience and ignore the pastors that want to create division between them

26        Russian diplomats in the USA should pray against arrest during USA election

27        Israelis living in the following states (Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Michigan, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Wisconsin) in USA should pray against attacks during the Presidential election in the month of November 2016

28        Let us pray against a horrifying event that may occur before Hilary Clinton is sworn into office. Let us pray against disorder in the world

29        Naval forces in many countries in the world shall be engaged in combats in year 2017 than never before. I see retirements in the navy worldwide. I see imprisonment of military personnel from Generals to lance corporals particularly in the USA

30        There will be rancor and the 2020 elections in USA might be delayed because of what will happen at the seat of power at the time of prescreening of candidates for the election. This may divide the country

31        Very regrettable Error in predictions shall be committed by NASA and NOAA in years 2017/2018

32        Germany shall be honoured in year 2017 for hosting the largest Muslim community in Europe. Christianity shall become a minority religion in the next 7-21years in Germany, Greece and Poland

33        Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Cologne and Frankfurt shall record more deaths than births from year 2017 leading to these cities becoming Ghost towns of Europe in the future

34        Many ISIS and Al-Qaeda suspects/convicts shall be discharged and acquitted in year 2017

35                    ISIS terrorist shall make effort to render Russia and Turkey ungovernable between years 2017-2019. This will make the countries mentioned to take unexpected far reaching military and political decisions. Security of synagogues in Turkey should be tightened because there shall be unprecedented attacks in year 2017

36        Russia and China shall bring down the power grid of many countries and crash financial markets in year 2017. It will affect banks and other financial institutions and create chaos in most countries with winter season.

37        Russia under Putin shall seize many territories around the Mediterranean Sea in year 2017

38        Sweden, Estonia, Lithuania, Norway, Finland, Poland, Romania, Vietnam, Cuba and Mediterranean countries shall be bullied by their stronger neighbours. They should guard their infrastructures and pray against invasion

39        Imams and pastors; particularly in Turkey shall receive death threat messages on their mobile handsets in year 2017. Let Imams and pastors (genuine and fake) worldwide be alert because most of them may not survive attacks on their churches and mosques in year 2017. Psalm 91 is very important for those who believe

40        Security shall be the ground on which many people including pastors and Imams be deported to their countries of origin particularly in Turkey

41        HAMAS leaders that are living comfortably in Qatar shall be killed very soon

42        President Abbas of Palestine will be undermined/attacked in year 2017 by masked members of Fatah to scare him away from normalizing relationship with Israel. They believe Abbas has drifted from Late Arafat’s doctrine and their goals of annihilating Israel. The rivalry between them will split Palestine into 2 entities before year 2019 making the achievement of an independent Palestine state a mirage.

43        Fight for supremacy shall ensue between Fatah militias and HAMAS in years 2017/2018

44        In year 2017 Israel and Palestine shall contaminate wells and water of one another in addition to other violent attacks. HAMAS suicide bombers with Israeli identity cards shall carry out many attacks against Israel in years 2017/2018

45        Because of overpopulation, Africa and other countries like China, Japan, and Europe shall adopt a policy of birth control in the nearest future leading to 1-2 children per marriage

46        Sanctions of the coal and oil industries shall lead to job losses in that sector between years 2017-2021

47        Drones and android cops shall be used to apprehend criminals in Japan, India, Israel, USA, DRC and indeed Nigeria from year 2017. The entrenchment of this highly effective technology will create redundancy in the police. Many policemen will lose their jobs worldwide

48        Robot soldiers shall be used by some countries in the next 10 years. These cybernetic enhanced super soldiers shall cause loss of jobs in the military

49        Dubai shall use automated robots for policing and street surveillance before year 2019. UAE shall be named the world 1st tourist nation before year 2020

50        Nuclear reactor accidents in Russia, USA, China, France and Iran shall disturb the atmosphere in year 2017

51        Let us watch and pray from year 2017 against horrific disaster from a solar storm that could shatter human existence and quality of life

52        Pray against worst humanitarian crisis in the world in year 2017

53        Let us pray against the evil 666 government that may soon take full control of all critical infrastructures in the world (agriculture, health facilities, water, energy etc.).

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  1. Expendingly great,with prayers & Gods intervention nothing is impossible,He is the God of all flesh,and only him ‘almighty God’,can do what no man can do.We all need to reference him as our lord & saviour.
    Thank you daddy for humbly allowing yourself to be used by God.may God almighty who sees your heart continue to keep in and bless you in all round of life.

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