\"dsc_1721\"“For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or
brought out into the open”(Luke 8:17)

God will uncover and unmask uncleanliness in His house in year 2018; there shall be whistleblowers in
churches. They shall expose abuses, corruptions and crimes perpetrated in the house of God. Many will
be disappointed at the decay in the house of God but it is the Lord’s doing. God is cleaning the houses
called by HIS name to remove filth and the filthy from His presence. Whoever has ears, let them hear
and turn a new leaf.
“When you have finished setting aside a tenth of all your produce in the third year, the year of the tithe, you
shall give it to the Levite, the foreigner, the fatherless and the widow, so that they may eat in your towns
and be satisfied”. (Deut 26:12) churches that do not give tithes to the 4 groups mentioned shall be judged
in year 2018. The book of Matthew 3:10 revealed what will happen to pastors that do not share the tithes
of church for widows and orphans as well as those that do not pay tithe. Many churches in Nigeria are
guilty and God will expose them in year 2018. Churches in year 2018 must accept reforms including in area
of tithing and offering. I counsel private universities owned by faith organisations to endeavour to give 1
year tuition holiday for every 7 years to assuage the wrath of God
1. “If anyone does attack you, it will not be my doing; whoever attacks you will surrender to you”(Is
54:15) God is raising fiery people that the world cannot intimidate from all professions to expose
evil from state to state and nation to nation in the year 2018. Many more herbalists shall claim to
be pastors but they shall be exposed. Love shall thereafter return to churches. Year 2018 is year
darkness will be snuff out in the churches of God. 2018 is a year God would settle RADIO and
TELEVSION presenters who are either on the part of truth or evil. Thus says the Lord; no one will
take away the joy of the just.
2. All over the world in year 2018, youths will leave the church in groups to join different occult
organisations. Let us pray against it
3. “…..Don’t be afraid of them. Remember the Lord, who is great and awesome, and fight for your
families, your sons and your daughters, your wives and your homes.”(Neh 4:14) Prophet TB Joshua
should pray and be vigilant as another attack on SCOAN is imminent. All God fearing people should
pray against another disaster orchestrated by evil minds.
4. Pray for 3 popular men of God in Nigeria against illnesses. Pray that they will not suffer loss of
their beloved ones in year 2018
5. Year 2018 for Nigeria is in this order: flower blossoming, turbulence overcome, and peaceful
6. For a more prosperous Nigeria, real reconciliation shall take place between the following families
in year 2018: President Buhari, Obasanjo, Yar’adua, IBB, Abacha, Abdulsalam, Jonathan and
Bamaiyi. Also there shall reconciliation between Buhari’s family, Fayose and Femi Fani-Kayode
7. Keep praying for Buhari and yourself because it is a year of: power, money, prestige and high
purposes.  Personal goals will be easily achievable in year 2018

8. Most Nigerians are satisfied with Buhari’s performance because he is a big threat to the elite and
treasury looters. But in year 2019, paid demonstrators and bought news media will make it appear
as if most people hate Buhari.
9. Just as water seeks its level, people in Buhari’s cabinet will find their levels in the first 6 months of
year 2018. Wheat will be separated from chaff in year 2018
10. Buhari will not disappoint Nigerians that believe in him. He will fulfil promises in year 2018. People
will be happy and he will be a very successful president
11. Buhari will improve relationship with foreign nations in 2018
12. Nigeria and some other countries (not given the Grace to mention) shall investigate and arrest high
ranking politicians in year 2018.
13. Former Presidents, Governors and government functionaries as well as their foundations in Africa,
USA and Europe shall be investigated for fraud. There shall be fraud charges against their family
members and friends too
14. EFCC and ICPC shall revisit cases of accused governors as well as stopping the trend of governor to
15. Buhari will shake CBN, custom services, EFCC and the Judiciary; many will be sacked. CBN governor
should pray for good health/bereavement. Customs and EFCC bosses should pray against death of
dear ones. Also Governors of states starting with ‘K’ alphabet should pray for good health and
against loss of immediate family members
16. The so called untouchables in the villa shall be touched. They shall be sent parking from the Villa
by Mr President. Some emirs, Obas and Obis shall be dethroned, exiled and replaced.
17. NYSC shall be shaken in year 2018. Prospective Corp members should pray against accidents and
18. Some banks will be liquidated in year 2018 and I see customers lamenting. I see arrests,
imprisonment and deaths of freedom fighters leading demonstrations. I see many chambers of
Lawyers closed down in some nations. It is not a pleasant year for lawyers generally. Ditto cultists
and thieves.
19. I implore governments at all levels and the nouveau riche to come to the aid of small scale
business owners (fish ponds, poultry, and fashion designers) to prevent most of them closing down
in year 2018.
20. Pray for our governors and Ministers as I see some of them with private jets involved in accidents.
Year 2018 is a year of judgement for owners of fraudulently acquired private jets. About 9
governors shall be involved in RTA in year 2018 due to excessive speeding on bad roads. Pray for
governors of eastern zone as I see most of them in the hospital in year 2018 due to illnesses
21. Panic will be caused by men with guns shooting government functionaries and politicians because
of deals and elections

22. I see failure of the anti-grazing laws and the herdsmen emboldened in year 2018. There is need for
sincerity of purpose in dialogue devoid of arrogance among the leaders at the table.
23. Nigeria embassy services shall improve for Nigerians in year 2018
24. Buhari and Trump approval rating shall rise in 2018. Pray against paid demonstrations in Nigeria,
Cameroon, Togo and USA. Gunmen shall be hired in Nigeria to cause havoc. Let us put our country
in our daily prayers
25. Most incredible year for Nigerians. A year of celebrations in families. The welfare of workers in
Nigeria shall improve because there shall be negotiations between organised labour and the state
governments in year 2018. Workers and pensioners in Nigeria shall recover most of the rights and
privileges lost over the years. God will be glorified in year 2018 all over the world as there shall be
positive changes in the world and this will make people to be happy
26. In year 2018 appointments (local and international) shall come to a good number of healthy,
active and employable retired security officers, ambassadors, clergies, and former state Governors
27. New IGP will overhaul SARS. Massive retirement in the police and Road Safety on the way in year
28. N.G.O involved in migrant trading (moving African youths) to Libya shall double in year 2018.
Organ trafficking shall be the most lucrative business in year 2018. Laws must be promulgated by
NASS quickly to prevent this.
29. Forces of darkness will lose power in year 2018 because as it were in the French and American
Revolutions so shall it be in the coming African revolution
30. Nigeria in year 2018 will be a very powerful country with very positive leadership. Nigeria will
proficiently and peacefully take back the power that was taken from us as giants of Africa in many
organisations (AU, ECOWAS etc). Other African countries will follow in same spirit. Slavery will be
over in Libya and states in Nigeria will be empowered by President Buhari. He will also expose slave
masters to the joy of the people.
31. Multinational task force will bring peace and foster unity among African countries in year 2018. I
see this reducing incidence of disaster
32. Militant group leaders who rebuff negotiations with their government shall be killed. Also,
kidnappers shall be rendered powerless and internet soldiers shall be arrested in many nations of
the world. Please speak to your children against these vices
33. Many Nigerians that became wealthy in an unrighteous manner in Nigeria shall suffer cash crunch
in 2018 so much so that most of their properties (landed and otherwise) shall be for SALE. Let
them make amends (prayer for forgiveness and restitution) urgently.
34. Diverse customers of electricity Distribution companies (DISCOs) shall default in payment leading
to DISCOs revenue shortfall and consequent retrenchment of staff from state to state. DISCOs shall
retrench staff in year 2018
35. Nigerians to pray not to lose 1st position during 2018 world cup

36. President Buhari and few governors are unstoppable in year 2019. Senate President position shall
not be automatic for the seating government in year 2019
37. Bukola Saraki should pray against costly blunder in 2018 that will damage his career
38. Women should be patient in matters of marriage and family to prevent regrettable divorces in
year 2018. I see divorces in 2018 that will later bring lamentations
39. God will bless Nigeria with more pilots but no jobs for them. Medical Doctors and lawyers shall be
changing trade because of lack of employment
40. Pray against deaths from diabetes, hypertension and heart attacks in year 2018. Please do not joke
with your health. Visit government approved hospital and insist on seeing a medical doctor for
thorough medical check up. Also beware of counterfeit and expired medicines in the chemists and
pharmacies as incidence of death from them shall increase in year 2018. Buy your medications
from proper pharmacy with a pharmacist not shop attendants!
41. 2018 is most horrible year of  incestuous relationship
42. Nollywood will get offshoots in year 2018.
43.  Nigerians living illegally in Israel and other middle east nations shall be deported in year 2018
44. Let us pray and be vigilant at our airports, sea port, and railway lines. Let us be vigilant against
attacks on Abuja-Kaduna railway lines. Let us pray against terror attack against aeroplane, train or
passenger bus in the early part of year 2018 that may lead to deaths of contemporaries and family
45. Pray against terrorist attacks in FCT and two others states. Let us be vigilant and if possible avoid
crowded area like religious crowds, markets, shopping malls, hotels, bar, restaurants, motor parks
and IDP camps
46. I see the launching of Nigerian New shipping line and Nigerian Airline in year 2018. Praise the Lord!
47. Board of trustees of political parties shall witness crisis in year 2018. Afenifere, Ndigbo and ACF
should pray against burial of their leaders in 2018
48. Some notable Nigerians shall be honoured with appointments and assignments in year 2018 by UN
49. 2018 is a year nations in bondage would get freedom as things concealed previously shall be
uncovered truthfully.
50. 2018 is a year of cancer and HIV breakthrough that will impress Buhari and Nigerians
51. African leaders meeting in 2018 shall discuss and agree to plant a leader in Libya. 2018 is a year of
protest in many nations against slavery in Libya
52. Pray against destruction by severe weather (storms, flood etc) in Benin Republic, Cameroon, Chad,
Niger and USA

53. The  collaboration of some European countries and USA with Libyan rebels shall be exposed
54. In year 2018, leadership style in the politics of Benin, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Gambia, Ghana,
Kenya, Mali, Nigeria, South Africa, Togo and Zimbabwe will change.
55. A year of truth and transition for Gambia, Togo, Cameroon and Zimbabwe. They should be
expectant of favourable results that will make them have a better live.
56. Many prisoners shall regain freedom in many countries of the world in year 2018. Also prison
conditions shall improve in year 2018
57. . Solar Energy shall be utilised by many nations to provide light for their people
58. USA, Germany and the rest of Europe will experience disquiet caused by sponsored revote and
killings in Italy, USA, Russia, France and Japan
59. The public will be deceived by government of different nations in year 2018. It is a year of
Photoshop images and bogus news
60. WikiLeaks shall expose a lot of secrets that will make many world governments uncomfortable in
year 2018
61. Japan will experience political, economic, social and environmental changes in the early part of
year 2018
62. China shall suffer odium from many countries in year 2018 and this will make China to fizzle out of
international scene and concentrate on its domestic issues
63. Turkey should watch and pray against internal conflicts and terrorist attacks
64. Stock markets will be volatile but will yield positive results at the end of year
65. Immigration issue shall be addressed by UN and USA in year 2018
66. Prince Williams will be groomed by the Queen in year 2018. She will cede more Royal duties to him
in preparation to handing over the throne to him later.
67. More countries shall leave the E.U in year 2018 e.g. Italy
68. 5 countries will come together to produce a group that will reduce the power of UN. The group will
not last.
69. North Korean leader will threaten but will be subdued in year 2018.
70. Some states in the USA shall be granted power and autonomy; when the granted states reaches
8-10 in number, Nigeria would like to copy
71. Cures for some chronic diseases and infectious illnesses that have been held back by previous
policy makers will be released in year 2018

72. UK, USA and two other countries (Not given the grace to mention) should pray and guard against
nuclear attacks and earth tremors in year 2018. If the nuclear attack is not prevented, the pollution
shall create a new kind of flu that will spread all over the world. They should pray against sinking of
their war ships by terrorists. 9/11 shall be replicated in a different form in these nations if they are
not vigilant. allies of these nations in Africa should not be inattentive
73. Germany will have a lot of problems hanging from the refugee’s crisis and should pray and guard
against more terrorist attacks in year 2018. Let them be proactive and resolve the refugee crisis
74. Vatican will be involved in paedophilia
75. Polygamy would no longer be treated as a sin in most churches before year 2030 because of the
increase in unfaithfulness to marriage vows and the perceived increase in the numbers of females
to males in the world. It is believed this will mitigate lesbianism. Will it? Time will tell.
76. Just like previous years, there shall be destructive fire outbreaks in some nations of the world.

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  1. As usual, very prompt and accurate. Let is serve as expo for us so we can PRAY . Congratulations for the conferment of Professorship on you. You deserve it. May the Lord continue to grant you his favours and mercies and may HE bless you abundantly Amen

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