School of the prophets

The school of the prophets is a platform where believers are inspired to passionate love for Christ and obedience in the fulfilment of their duties to God and humanity, It is where people with integrity, discernment, purpose and understanding of the mind of God are inspired. God’s prophet Bishop Emmanuel Musa Jatau was mandated by God in march 2013 to raise to him a community of believers that at this end time, will stand out to speak the truth without fear or favour but exactly what God said. He bishop Emmanuel Musa Jatau, a man with the fear of God obeyed, hence the school of the prophets. The school started first June 2013 and so far, have produced two sets of graduates. Courses taught will expose you to kingdom life and purpose. It is about your willingness, dreams and aspirations. There are wonderful testimonies from the graduates of this school, as you attend you are the next testifier