“My brethren, count it all joy when ye fall into divers’ temptations; knowing this, that the trying of your faith worketh patience. But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved.”(James 1:2-3, Mat 24:13)Withering the storm requires endurance. Like an athlete getting closer to breast the tape; if he falters just when the tape comes into view, he will lose the crown. As Nigerians that have faith in the leadership of our country, we must be patient and endure a little while because our breakthrough is closer than we think.

1 Our miracle against this economic recession will start from this Sallah to Easter 2017.God has prepared a vibrant young man to take over from the present governor of central bank.The new CBN governor is a man blessed with ammunition to fight recession before it gets to depression and Buhari must be spirit filled in choosing this man that is right now in diaspora.The miraculous arrival of this intelligent fellow in the cabinet of President Buhari will cause the dollar to crash against the Naira (N50 Naira to a dollar)and sufferings of Nigerians will be reduced to the barest minimum. Hallelujah! Glory! Honour! Adoration and Power to the King of kings,Lord of lords, Forever and ever! Amen

2 There are only two people who are fighting corruption in Buhari’s government namely Buhari and Magu; some are spectators. Buhari will overhaul his cabinet soon. Ministers who are “wolves in sheep clothing” will be relieved of their positions and probed. Some close relations of the President that have contributed to the tarnishing of the image of the government shall be sent out of the villa and Abuja; example will be made of one.

3 God will expose NFF officials who collect bonuses for players but go into their hotel rooms praying for the boys to be defeated. When the team is defeated, the officials embezzle the money.NFF boss and the sports minister should be kicked out because odious money politics has become the order of the day

4 Soon, banks that are cordial with funds from cartels, terrorism and mob activities shall be exposed in Nigeria. Federal government shall compel banks to make reports of suspicious withdrawals.

5 Buhari\’s government will commit to prison people who embezzle resources meant for feeding Internally Displaced People (IDP). Many, including villa staff, government house staffs, Chiefs and emirs shall be exposed and prosecuted.

6 Soon, Nigerians and politicians who offer money and houses to buy the conscience of priests to shall be unmask by the government. Veteran politicians and priests should not by commission or omission use the respect they command among their people to spew destructive criticisms that can lead to break down of law and order. They should humbly proffer solutions. A word is enough for the wise.

7 God has answered our prayers because suspected terrorists planning attacks against October 1st 2016 (Nigerian Independence Day) celebrations will be arrested towards the end of the month of September in some states. Let us expect the news of failed suicide bombing attempts on churches and mosques in the last three months of this year.Soon, some Niger delta militants shall be apprehended and they shall sing like the canary bird; confessing their atrocities and revealing their sponsors and modus operandi

8 The wife of the President should pray against having serious altercation with Madam Patience Jonathan on the pages of newspapers in the month of October 2016. Madam Patience Jonathan shall ventilate her frustrations on Mrs. Buhari on the pages of Newspapers as the noose of anti-corruption war around her neck constricts. Let Mrs. Buhari pray and act with tact because of her husband’s office.

9 Many senior police officers implicated by robbers, drug addicts and militants will be sacked by IGP from the month of October-December 2016.

10 Abuja security must watch all illegal entries to Nigeria and be prepared at all times because terrorists plot to move through this illegal accesses to make their plans succeed from the month of September 2016 September to the New Year

11 Bureau de Change robberies shall be rampant from the month of Octobers 2016. Many money changers shall be killed and their money carried away.I see armed robbers killing some Nigeria pastors during this year’s church harvest

12 In the last 100 days of year 2016, Nigeria ministers and governors must be very prayerful against attacks (physical and spiritual), accidents and sudden deaths.

13 Nigerians (soldiers and civilians) should pray not to be killed by bombs planted by the roadsides, on mountains and forests in the Niger delta, North East and North West Nigeria. Furthermore, Nigeria fighter jet pilots should pray against losing two of their most daring and decorated pilots.

14 Naval bases should be vigilant against attacks in the months of October and November 2016. Let us pray against death of Nigerian Navy officers and men

15 There shall be car bombs from the month of September 2016–December 2016; targeting government offices, hotels, and Presidential villa of different countries, police formations, military barracks, schools and wedding arena.

16 One of the miracles in early 2017 will be the development of harmonious working relationship between the National Assembly and President Buhari. The former will make laws that will make the anti-corruption war robust and this will strengthen the judiciary.

17 Government must intensify effort at building evident low cost houses from state to state to discourage tent cities in every Nigerian city capital. From January 2017, I foresee homeless shelter tents popping up from city to city. I foresee some state governors declaring state of emergency on homelessness. I see middle class people giving out their houses for rent and becoming tent dwellers

18 Drug abuse, suicide, and other illnesses (heart disease and erectile dysfunction etc.) will increase because of the current economic recession. Therefore, I beseech married women to be patient with their husbands because this condition is temporary.
19 Many celebrities have passed on this year already and this will continue. Let us pray so that year 2017 will not be worse for celebrities. Let us pray against the death of a Nigerian talk show host.Let us pray for Nigerian celebrities particularly singers, comedians and actors aged 60-80 years. Pray for young Christian and secular singers against sudden death caused by accidents, poison, suicide and drug overdose. Many white singers will die from drug overdose in year 2017

20 Nollywood, Hollywood, Bollywood etc. will lose many of their exemplary directors in 2017.We will have many celebrity divorces in Nigeria in year 2017 because of drug abuse, alcohol abuse and short term relationship syndrome.

21 In the early part of year 2017, death shall come to many corrupt judges in Nigeria. The occult membership contracts of some avaricious APC and PDP top shots have expired. They understand the meaning and I advise them to go for deliverance before it is too late

22 2017 is a year people will rush to buy gold as investment to escape Buhari’s next move but, God will disappoint them and they will be amazed.

23 Let us pray against President Buhari’s hospitalisation in year 2017.The standard of living will tremendously improve and many people will not want anything bad to happen to him.

24 Let us pray against some parts of Nigeria going into the sea.Predictions for year 2017 by some Nigerian prophets shall fall flat. Many shall be exposed and this will lead to their untimely death.

25 A former President of Nigeria shall be seriously ill and pass away before the end of year 2017 and another will die in year 2018. Three governors and National Assembly members of northern extraction shall escape death in 2017/18.

26 In year 2017, Buhari\’s government will expose two former Presidents of Nigeria (one each from the north and the south) who have private armies and have caused peace to elude Nigeria.

27 In year 2017, many people of Igbo and Niger-delta extractions shall be called “wandering people” if they are not careful and prayerful. I see them seeking asylum and refugee status in many nations. They shall be seen as terrorists and the people will not want to associate with them. The plight of those in diaspora will worsen and some nations will deny them shelter and food as soon as they are identified as Igbo or Niger delta people. Many of them will live in horrible conditions.

28 Terrorism in Nigeria shall be reduced drastically in year 2017 when many leaders of Boko haram and Niger delta militants will be killed by special operations because African Presidents shall unite to end the vandalism and carnage that will continue into year 2017. New militia groups will commit mass murder in Nigeria and other African countries in year 2017.Buhari\’s government will introduce new tracking device for terrorists in 2017. There shall be no hiding place for terrorists in Nigeria and Africa thereafter.

29 Boko haram and other terrorist groups are well versed in numerology and other occultic practices. Hence, their attacks in year 2017 on occultist days like 1,2,3,6,11,13,14,19,21,22,31 will not be a coincidence. Terrorists’ sleeper cells will be attacking Nigerian cities. Hence, our big men should be careful with hiring domestic helps (driver, cooks etc.).

30 Because film industries in Nigeria will be used by elite cult to influence citizens into illuminati, we must be careful with the type of books we read in year 2017 and our children must avoid toys and movies that can influence them to kill younger children.

31 Soon, retired security (police, custom, SSS and army) officers will to be recalled back to come and serve their father land because of shortage of manpower.

32 IMF and World Bank teams will visit Nigeria in year 2017 to assess our effort and will thereafter criticize National Assembly publicly for not doing enough to help Buhari\’s government.

33 Nigerians living in Australia and her neighbouring countries should pray against their deportation in year 2017.

34 Nigeria government will declare war on unauthorised billboards and also generate revenue from political and religious posters in year 2017.

35 Nigerian pastors looking to acquire spiritual powers by occultism shall be swindled by herbalists in neighbouring countries in year 2017.

36 2017 is a year for jailing money doublers and fetish priests from state to state

37 Youths that were promised political appointments by Buhari\’s government shall be compensated in year 2017.

38 Nigerian pilgrims (Muslims and Christians)in year 2017 will protest (home and abroad) against favouritism and ineptitude of government officials when they are stranded in holy lands.

39 Nigeria will start exporting cocoa, rubber, minerals and foodstuffs in year 2017. I see review of mining laws to help exportation.

40 Nigeria will be spectator when South Africans, Kenyans, Cameroonians, Ethiopians and Ghanaians receive honours in different fields of industry worldwide in year 2017.

41 African nations shall experience snow and extreme cold never witnessed before in year 2017. Also, the North-East and Middle-belt of Nigeria shall experience like never before, warm temperatures for some weeks before it changes to extreme cold and flood.

42 In order for the peace enjoyed by Ghanaians to be preserved, the Ghanaian President must organise prayers for peace when it is 100 days to the elections. He will be victorious again but he will not finish the tenure.

43 Pilots of commercial planes all over the world should pray against terrorists’ gunfire that will bring down their airplanes.

44 South-East Asia should pray against terrorists financing deadly attacks in the last three months of year 2016. Nigeria, Niger, Somalia, Mali, Burkina Faso, Syria, U.K., Turkey, and USA should also offer similar prayers.

45 UN peacekeepers worldwide should pray against coordinated terrorist attacks.The peacekeepers must be vigilant to avert coming disasters in their theaters of operation.

46 Let us pray against breaking news of human and environmental disasters (killings, wars, flood, landslides, earthquakes, etc.) in year 2017. It is also a year of amazing new inventions, medical cures and stunning revelations from old and new prophets

47 Scientific breakthrough in stem cell research in year 2017shall lead to cure for the blind, deaf and the lame. Let us pray against spiritual wars that will be using the star of a person to either kill or paralyse him.

48 Accidental tampering of nuclear plants in some nations shall lead to outbreak of deadly flu in many nations between the months of January 2017and June 2017.

49 Chemical factories in developed nations shall cause increased congenital deformities in humans and death of animals in year 2017

50 Panic will be caused in many countries by people reporting settlement of the earth as earthquakes.

51 Vatican and NASA must warn their workers not to cause panic in year 2017 with films of unidentified flying objects (UFO).

52 Let us pray that Satanism does not destroy big churches and priests in year 2017 because most news shall deliberate on pedophile priests. The Pope shall be attacked in the media by enemies within if he ignores media complaints about his priests.

53 Some African and white cardinals will resign in year 2017.One will instigate crisis to paint the Pope black. All catholic must pray for the Pope from January 2017- April 2017 because of some changes he will effect. The death of the Pope will lead to war in Rome and the church. Let us pray for him.

54 The 3 holy sites recognized in the world namely Israel, Saudi and Vatican shall be shaken by earthquake from year 2017. They need our prayers.

55 The days of the Pope, Dalai Lama and Ayatollah to bid us goodbye is drawing closer. Pray for them between years 2017-2018. Pray also for Nigerian priests and Imams that are 70 years and above.

56 Rioting and tension between blacks and police in the USA will continue in year 2017 even after Clinton is sworn in. Hilary Clinton should pray for peace and calmness in her party because I see that when the election date is near, some party members, unsure of the soundness of her health will be shouting “replace her.”

57 Black actors and actresses will protest in 2017particularly in US, U.K., France etc. because they will be denied best actors and actresses’ awards. Similarly, Nigeria Northern actors will protest against discrimination by their southern counterparts.

58 2017 is a year of Royal scandals. The ritualistic murders committed by Saudi and England ruling houses as well as their lavish lifestyles shall be exposed.Also the secret behind the death of princess Diana will come to limelight in year 2017 and a similar death like that of princess Diana will happen again if they are not prayerful. Every 11-13 years, this kind of sacrifice from England ruling house will be happening if prayers to break the curse is not made.

59 California, Japan, Russia must pray against volcanic eruptions of Mount Pelée and Mount St Helens. I foresee violent eruptions that will begin with land tremor and metamorphose into explosions that will lead to lose of many lives. Nuclear plants around the world shall be shaken

60 Pray for peace in Arab countries in year 2017 because some Arab Presidents will be assassinated and this may lead to civil wars.

61 USA, Russia, U.K., China and North Korea will sabotage one another in year 2017 leading to space accidents and explosions.

62 Let us pray against world war 3 in year 2019 because I see Russia, China and North Korea hurting the ego of USA in early 2017.

63 Canadian government must pray against terrorist attacks in year 2017.

64 Pray against terrorist attacks never before witnessed in Germany city centers between years 2017 and 2018. Germany security should expect foreign hit teams and fanatical lone wolfs attacks that will disrupt the whole nation and cause total security breakdown in the country. German security should guard their boarders well and take counter terrorism measures.A lot of people with extreme views have infiltrated the German armed forces.Let us pray against civil war in Germany.

65 Al-Qaida shall spilt beyond repairs thereby weakening the organization temporarily in year 2017

66 Lady gaga and her group of friends should pray against controversy in year 2017.

67 The spirit of death is around Beyoncé. She may be buried with fanfare soon like Late Michael Jackson. Let her pray against the spirit of death; seek deliverance from a true deliverance pastor and give the rest of her life to Jesus Christ. Her time in the society circle she belongs to is over.

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September “13/09/16”

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